Four Podcasts on Creating and Sustaining Affiliations Between Family Medicine Residencies and Health Centers from the 2008 CHAMPS/NWRPCA Fall Primary Care Conference

This workshop explored the opportunities available to health centers and family medicine residencies wishing to partner. Partnerships between these two entities can draw more clinical residents and students to careers in caring for medically underserved communities.

Session 1: Mission and Governance, featuring Lil Anderson, President and CEO, RiverStone Health (MT), and Kevin Murray, Program Director at Tacoma Family Medicine Residency Training Program (WA). Total size: 21 mb.

Session 2: Understanding and Overcoming the Legal Hurdles, featuring Jackie Leifer, a partner with Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP (Washington DC). Total size: 49 mb.

Session 3: Creating Effective Administrative and Operational Structures, featuring John Felton, Executive Vice President of Operations at RiverStone Health (MT), and Sarah Lesko, Faculty Development Fellow at the University of Washington Family Medicine Department (WA). Total size: 37 mb.

Session 4: Addressing the Bottom Line: The Financial/Cost Accounting Perspective, featuring Scott Early, Program Director at Lawrence Family Medicine Residency (MA), Mike Maples, CEO of Community Health of Central Washington (WA) and Roxanne Fahrenwald, MD, of RiverStone Health (MT). Total size: 42 mb.